Always keen to promote Macau's art scene, for years Hotel S is the major sponsor of “Outloud Street Art Festival”, a gala curated by arts organization Local Ginger Talents. Started off as a simple street graffiti, it has now evolved into a series of fascinating work of art by talented artists , injecting spark and vitality into the old town area. Not only resculpting the image of the community, the festival has also brought in new opportunities for local businesses.

“Outloud Street Art Festival” contains a wide range of performances and activities, such as concerts, dance showcases, art workshops, exhibitions, culinary events and exchanges on arts and culture. Either a native Macau residence or a traveler will have the chance to enjoy and explore the vibe of street arts. The main event of the festival is inviting world-famous graffiti artists from India, USA, Australia and Thailand to paint enormous murals and graffiti on the wall of Hotel S and surrounding buildings, which is absolutely the biggest street arts creation ever happened in Macau.

The total size of typography, cartoon style drawing and realistic portraits created by these brilliant artists have already exceeded 500 square meters. The whole district is now a feast for the eyes and landmark of contemporary street culture. Street arts have once again overcome the barrier between distance and race, it is a common language co-created by artists with same vision.

Swinging by or staying at our hotel, you are always welcome to take photos of or selfie with the art pieces, and don’t forget to share with the world how much you love the art journey brought to you by Hotel S.