Having an authentic Macanese cuisine at a local restaurant is the best thing to do for travellers in Macau. To save your time hunting for the ideal restaurant, the Obi Wan Cafe and Restaurant located at the 1st floor can definitely tickle your taste bud with our traditional Portuguese and Macanese cuisine menu. You simply cannot resist the exceptional flavor, sensation and texture of Portuguese and Macanese dishes, such as the aroma of Clams in Portuguese Style, the crispy skin and tenderness of a Roasted Stuffed Suckling Pig, the silky smooth Baked Bacalhau and the savory Curry Beef Brisket — its delectable menu offers the best in quality ingredients and spices specially selected and crafted by our chefs. Like cooking for the family, we refuse to use MSG in order to emphasize the flavor of the ingredients, not only to satisfy your appetite but also to cultivate your health and well-being.

The Obi Wan Cafe and Restaurant also provides Chinese, Cantonese, American and European style cuisine as well as extensive vegetarian choices for the guests. Our menu is a mix of diversity and local culture, which captured the essence of Macau.

With a remarkable view facing the Praça de Ponte e Horta and heritage building Opium House, sensational indoor artworks installed at every corner of the restaurant and natural daylighting together shape a comfy, pleasant and lively dining ambience. Whether staying in the Hotel S or not, you are always welcome to have an appetizing, inexpensive and nutritious meal at the Obi Wan Cafe and Restaurant.

Drinks Menu

1/F, No. 14 e 16, Praça Ponte e Horta, Macau

Business Time: 11:00a.m. - 23:00p.m.

(853) 6363 0617